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We sell Ranch One locally raised, nutrient-rich, all-natural grass-fed beef. Stop in and try a sample of our home-style beef jerky or buy a steak for dinner...More..

Trimmer Outpost Email Registration Policy

Trimmer Outpost, Genoa, NV

Email registration policy: Please read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before you contact us by email. To sign up for updates, notices, newsletters or other changes to our website, click the email link below.


    1. Trimmer Outpost may add your name to our Google + group at our discretion. If you do not want to be part of our Google + group, you may contact us via email to have your name removed from our group.

    2. If you wish to receive email from us, please send us an email using the link above with your name and contact information in the body of the email. We will NOT accept email from you if you do not include your name and email address in the message. We would also prefer to have your contact phone number (work, home or mobile) solely for our use.

    3. We will NOT sell or distribute your email contact information, ever. The information you send us is solely for use by Trimmer Outpost and Ranch One.

    4. We use Google's Gmail as our email server. For more details on Gmail's legal disclosures, please click the link: Gmail Legal Disclosure Policy

    5. We will not guarantee nor is there any implied warranty that your email contact information won't be lost, stolen or used by unauthorized person or persons. You are contacting us using a publicly available free email service and need to be aware that sending us your information will be outside of our control. If you prefer not to accept this risk, then do not send us an email containing your contact information.

    6. We NEVER ask for credit card information via email and we do not provide or accept orders through our website. Please call us, (775) 782-2518, if you need to make a purchase or reserve a rental space with your credit card.

    7. We do not ship our beef anywhere outside of the Carson Valley area. If you wish to buy Ranch One All-Natural Beef, please come by Trimmer Outpost to make your purchase.

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