All-Natural, Grass-fed beef

We sell Ranch One locally raised, nutrient-rich, all-natural grass-fed beef. Stop in and try a sample of our home-style beef jerky or buy a steak for dinner...More..

Nevada Steak Burger

Individual Select Cuts

Ranch One Beef is available in select cuts in our store. The cuts listed below are the most available cuts we keep on hand. If you're looking for a nice steak dinner, or maybe some hamburger patties for a barbeque, stop by the store and grab some Ranch One beef!

  • T-Bone Steaks & Ribeye Steaks
  • Top Sirloin & Sirloin Tip Steaks
  • Eye of Round & Chuck Steaks
  • Cross Rib, Top Round & Rolled Rump Round Roasts
  • Sirloin Tip & Chuck Roasts
  • Short Ribs, Cube Steak, Beef Stew & Ground Beef
  • Nevada Steak Hamburger Patties
  • Beef Pot Pies and Chicken Pot Pies
  • Nevada Lamb

PRICE: Varies per cut

[per pound]
Prices may change without notice. Prices subject to product availability.

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The T-Bone Steak (left) looks as mouthwateringly good as it is when cooked and served straight from the barbeque.

Ranch One all-natural, grass-fed beef is aged to perfection, vacuum packed and quick-frozen to preserve the delicate and unique flavors of grass-fed beef. Our steaks are leaner than corn-fed beef, aged longer than supermarket beef and have less moisture, which concentrates the beef flavor and shortens cooking times.

Try one of our steaks, roasts or hamburger and see why all-natural, grass-fed beef should always be your first choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

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