All-Natural, Grass-fed beef

We sell Ranch One locally raised, nutrient-rich, all-natural grass-fed beef. Stop in and try a sample of our home-style beef jerky or buy a steak for dinner...More..

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Ranch No. 1 Beef Jerky

Our delicious beef is marinated and dried in-house by the Trimmer family. Our jerky is available in 2 oz. and 4 oz. packages in a variety of your favorite flavors:

  • Teriyaki
  • Sweet & Spicy
  • Wild West Original
  • Wild West Peppered

$5.00 (2 oz)
$9.50 (4 oz)

[Available In-store Only ~ vacuum packed]
Prices may change without notice. Prices subject to product availability.
(This page was last updated Saturday, August 15, 2015)

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