All-Natural, Grass-fed beef

We sell Ranch One locally raised, nutrient-rich, all-natural grass-fed beef. Stop in and try a sample of our home-style beef jerky or buy a steak for dinner...More..

Ranch No. 1 All-Natural, Grass-fed Beef

Since 1909, Ranch No. 1 cattle have been raised on our historic family ranch in Genoa. Below are more details about our beef.

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Grass-fed and dry-aged for 21 to 28 days for a distinctive flavor, our all-natural beef comes from a cross of Angus and Hereford cattle raised on our family ranch since 1909.

Dry aging does provide a 4% to 19% yield loss which increases processing costs, but the distinctive flavor and tenderness of our beef is worth the extra time and cost.
Our beef is raised without the use of antibiotics or synthetic growth stimulants. Lean, grass-fed, naturally rich in nutrients (like omega-3 fatty acids) and about one third the fat of grain-fed beef, our beef tastes great and is an excellent part of a healthy, low fat diet.
Our beef is raised on grass pastures through the summer and grass hay during the winter for their entire lives. They are then processed when they reach 18 to 24 months of age.
We sell our USDA inspected beef frozen in vacuum sealed packaging to preserve the flavor and it can remain frozen from 6 to 12 months when kept at or below 0° F. (-17.8° C.).
It is always best to thaw our beef in its original package in your refrigerator for 12 to 24 hours before cooking.

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