All-Natural, Grass-fed beef

We sell Ranch One locally raised, nutrient-rich, all-natural grass-fed beef. Stop in and try a sample of our home-style beef jerky or buy a steak for dinner...More..

Trimmer Outpost Products

At Trimmer Outpost, we strive to find the best of locally made products and locally raised beef and lamb. We are always on the lookout for All-natural and organic products from local farmers, ranchers and artisans. Click on the links below to see the products we carry in our store:

Beef - All Natural Burgers












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Planet X Pottery

Planet X Pottery makes unique and beautiful handmade pottery in Gerlach, Nevada, and was established in 1974 at the foot of Granite Mountain between the Smoke Creek and Black Rock deserts of Northern Nevada. Planet X is a working pottery studio with three galleries. Planet X is completely off the grid and run entirely off of solar, propane and generator power.

We have an exclusive pertnership with Planet X Pottery to sell their fine porcelain, stoneware & Raku in Genoa.
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Jam, Jelly & Preserves

We buy locally grown fruits and berries from farmers and at local Farmer's Markets, or we harvest our own, and use our grandparents' recipes to preserve our fruit so you can enjoy "a taste of home."



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